Bay To Breakers

Well, according to the Bay To Breakers website, I came in 21,753rd. Carmen came in 21,747th. Yesterday it seemed to be different: we saw 2174 and 2175 which didn’t seem right to us (there were lots of people ahead of us) but maybe their website had a glitch. My official time was around 2:42:21, but we didn’t cross the start line for about twenty minutes, so I suspect our time should have been closer to 2:20:00 or so. I should have been able to tell you exactly what my time was, but my super spiffy PolarUSA heart rate monitor has an annoying feature that it only keeps track of the last exercise session, and I managed to bounce a key and accidently start a new session, which deleted all the detailed information for the race.

Sigh. Piece of crap. I was looking forward to seeing my pulse rate spike on the Hayes Street Hill.

I was carrying a GPS during the race, so I should have a Google Map track of the route sometime later this week. We should be able to derive all the timing info from the saved route.