Fun with a digital camera, Gimp, and an action figure

Starcraft GruntI’ve got a lot of toys in my office. My friend Jeff and I used to play Starcraft online quite a bit, back when both of us were single guys living the high life. During that time I had just begun dating my wife, and so I have a number of toys that our son bought for me, including this cool Starcraft infantry guy. The action
figure is very cool and poseable. For whatever bored reason, I snapped a couple of quick shots, dragged them into gimp, removed the background, tweaked the color, improved the sharpness and converted it to an 8-bit png image. I think it looks pretty damned cool for 3 minutes of work.

I wonder if someone could do a complete comic strip using similar techniques. Beats drawing, at least the way I do it. 🙂