Oakland Shows Signs of Life

Well, I bitched about Oakland a couple of days ago, and today I’m watching the possibility that they might string two wins in a row. I was watching last night in the top of the 9th when I received a phone call from my son whose car crapped out an hour away (I spent most of the day today trying to get it going, eventually giving up and having it towed) so I missed the heroics in the 9th to tie and the 11th to win. Tonight they are leading 6-1 in the top of the 7th, so barring world-ending meltdown, they should make it two in a row. Haren pitched well, giving up a bunch of long popups to the wall. Nick Swisher had a nice catch bouncing of the wall, and Scott Hatteberg had a nice unassisted double play.

Could have gotten good seats tonight: the stadium seems empty.

Perhaps June will be kinder to the Yellow and Gold Yellow and Green.

It is good to see Crosby back in the lineup.

Addendum: In the bottom of the 9th, Nick Swisher hit a bases loaded triple, the first of his ML career. He’s got 4 RBIs on the night. 9-1 Oakland.

VIA Technologies, Inc. announces the C7

This website runs on a VIA Nehemiah 1Ghz motherboard. I used to run it on a dual 400Mhz Celeron box I built on an Abit BP6 motherboard, but that thing sucked power and generated heat far in excess of its utility. Now my webserver runs quiet and lowpower. That’s why I thought I’d plug the press release by VIA Technologies, Inc. on their new processor: the C7. The C7 will run at peak power of 20W at 2.0Ghz, and idles at only 100mw. It includes bunches of features that make it excellent for home theater/PVR applications. Apparently they are going to start shipping in Q2. Processors like this seem more impressive to me than the dual core behemoths that AMD and Intel produce. The world needs more reasonable power consumption for our mundane computing tasks.