Ukulele Beatles Fun!

Previously I mentioned a $22 build it yourself ukulele kit and also found an inspiring rendition of Live and Let Die performed on the ukulele (absolutely brilliant). In that same spirit, here is Ukulele Beatles Fun, a very cool site which lists somewhere around sixty different Beatles songs that you can click on, and it will show you a flash movie of the chords for the song on a graphical rendition of a ukulele as it plays the recording.

It’s just…. amazing.

Ed Halley’s GIMP Tutorial on Using Multiple Exposures

I was searching for a program that I only vaguely recall (which I didn’t find) but I did find Ed Halley’s GIMP Tutorial on Using Multiple Exposures which has many cool ideas on creating translucency (ghost) effects, removing moving cars from highways, creating crowds, and blending exposures. Bookmarked for future ideas.

Brainwagon Radio: Mystery Podcast

Yesterday I recorded a podcast on the way to work, but due to a computer glitch at work, I was unable to upload it immediately. As a result, I simply can’t remember what the heck it was about. I suspect that at least part of it was a rant against automobile repair places, but beyond that, I’m drawing a blank. I guess I’ll have to download it just like you and see what it’s about. 🙂

Addendum: I’m listening to the podcast, and mentioned the OBD II diagnostic connector that all new cars (post 1996) have. Here’s a gadget from thinkgeek that hooks up to such a connector and displays it on an LCD panel. Cool stuff.

Addendum2: Oh yes, Joe’s Crab Shack in San Francisco, absolutely terrible. Worst seafood meal I’ve had, maybe ever. Dante’s Bar on Fisherman’s Wharf: Jake’s Wild Brew killed the pain in my feet.

Addendum3: Oh yes, we went purse shopping too. Yeah, I know, listen anyway for the link to intellectual property issues.