Today’s Installment of What Sucks Today…

I worked most of the day getting my garage door primed, and decided to accelerate the process of finishing the job tomorrow by spending more money. So, I trundled my body, covered with white flecks of paints to the Home Depot, and picked up a new Wagner Pro Power Paint Sprayer. I figure that it will help speed the process of getting a nice even coat over the lattice of slats that cover my garage door.

When I got it home, I decided to read the instructions, and make sure I understood what all the parts were.

That’s when it became obvious that the sprayer had been used before. The piston inside it had a residue of white paint sticking to it, and the spin valve was frozen in place, unable to move.


Back to the Home Depot tomorrow. Who do they think they are, Fry’s?