Lose a little on every sale…

Make up for it in volume!

According to this article on Slashdot, Gamespot claims that the Playstation 3 will cost $494 to make, but sell for $399. I’m curious. Does it really make sense to spand a billion dollars to try to win this race? Holy crap. That’s not chump change.

Ultimately, Sony (and presumably Microsoft as well) is banking that decreases in manufacturing costs as well as licensing fees will make up for this initial investment. I’m left wondering: isn’t it possible to make a game system which results in a more cash neutral position, and doesn’t rely so heavily on licensing? Could we actually have a real user friendly machine that encouraged individual creativity and experimentation?

Nintendo? Are you listening?

More on Google Maps API

In the previous post, a couple of people noted problems with the API. Just in case nobody realized this: the key that you use is tied to the website that the request comes from. You can’t simply copy my key and make it work, you need to apply to get your own.

Addendum: Hmmm. It appears that a warning may be produced when the header is used in directories which are more than one level deep in the hierarchy from the registered URL. I’ll have to check this out some more. I may have to disable this until I get it sorted out. Stay tuned.

Addedum 2: I was apparently right. The key is only useful for the directory in which it is generated, not subdirectories. Sigh. Whose bright idea was that? This means that if I embed maps into posts (as I did below) they won’t appear properly (indeed, will generate a Javascript error) when they are viewed in comments or archives.

More discussion.