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Todd over at Geek News Central notes that the iTunes 4.9 release with podcasting is blasting him with traffic:

I just checked my latest Libsyn Stats and downloads are through the roof. I am getting reports that sites like Dawn and Drew are down, servers have melted all over the podcasting sphere. Thus far this site which is hosted on a GoDaddy server has kept up and we have seen over 300,000 individual hits to this site alone today.

I know that at least 6500 people on iTunes have downloaded the newest show so this is significant traffic. Be patient with the downloads as servers are getting hammered worldwide.

I’ve been hammered too. 17 people used iTunes to download brainwagon radio in the last 24 hours! Woohoo! Let the pidgeons loose!

Fantasy Automobile

Fantasy Automobile

Right next to Pixar is a little outfit called Fantasy Junction that deals in customized and rare automobiles. Occasionally there are trucks parked outside delivering odd automobiles. When I rounded the corner this morning, these guys were pushing this little racer out around back, and I snapped a quick picture from my cameraphone.

Brainwagon Radio: Opera for Smartphone, Orb and Deep Impact

Where your host tries to shake off his morning jolt with some gadget news and a brief bit about some weekend fireworks in space.

Links from the show:

  • Opera for Windows Smartphones has been released. I have a Motorola MPX220, so I downloaded it and gave it a shot. Pretty neat, check it out.
  • Orb Networks makes a free download that you can run on your Mediacenter PC (everybody has one of those right) WinXP box to control and stream content from that PC to any web enabled device anywhere on the Internet. I was streaming a bit of the Giants game to my cell phone last night. I’ll have a longer review of this later, but in the mean time check it out.
  • NASA’s Deep Impact probe is due to mash into Comet Tempel 1 this weekend. The flash may actually be visible to amateurs or even possibly naked eye. If you are bored with the standard fireworks, consider trying to watch this. If any amateurs are going to get pictures of this and want a link, drop me an email and I’ll share some link love.