Well, last year I recorded a simple quicktme of the fireworks using my little Nikon 4500 from Jack London Square. This year, I decided to take out my new JVC MiniDV camcorder, and trundled it down to Pinole to try the same. I brought a tripod, set it up in manual mode with a best guess, and gave it a shot. Here is the finale rendered in Windows Media (around 8 megabytes).

Yes, yes, bitch at me all you like, that’s the easiest format for me to put it in. Get VLC or mplayer.

Okay, the link above was dead. Here’s the same video now uploaded onto youtube:

No Dinosaurs Left on Tempel 1

Tonight the Deep Impact space probe impacted Comet Tempel 1. I’m watching the coverage life on NASA TV. We can expect to see a photo from the flyby space craft to be all over the front pages tomorrow. Congratulations to all those rocket scientists. Cool stuff.

Image of Tempel 1 from the Flyby Craft