Paul Phillips on evolution vs. ID

I began reading Paul Phillips’ blog when Wil Wheaton mentioned that he was a poker player and a regular blogger. I’ve since found out that he seems to share one of my hot button topics: “evolution versus creationism intelligent design”.

Intelligent design is creationism dressed for court: no more, no less. It attempts to circumvent the findings of the Supreme Court in cases such as Edwards v. Aguillard and to gut the so-called Lemon test, established in the case of Lemon v. Kurtzman. This would be clear, even without the published admissions of some of its principal proponents. Intelligent design is merely an attempt to blur the separation between church and state, and the line between science and religion.

The fact that it seems to enjoy some measure of success should give us all pause.

It’s worth reviewing the decision in Edwards v. Aguillard, including audio of the oral arguments before the court.

Digital Black and White

Courtesy of the Make blog, here is a nice article on using Photoshop to make better digital black and white photographs. The tutorial is written from a Photoshop perspective. I’ve tried to use GIMP (since I’m too cheap to buy real photoshop) but the lack of adjustment layers in GIMP really make for a less than perfect workflow. Perhaps I’ll give Photoshop Elements at home…