A Year of Podcasting

One year ago today, I did my first podcast. I didn’t even call it a podcast, I think the term was yet to be coined. Since then, by my rough count I’ve done 93 or so podcasts, on subjects ranging all over the map, with varying bits of quality, stupidity, mistakes and the like. In short it’s been a blast.

In the last year, podcasting has gone from something that Adam Curry was trying to get people to do, to something that is organized into podcasting networks, marketed on the Apple iTunes store, and mentioned on major news networks. There are books. There are pundits. It’s everywhere.

And, in some sense, it has left guys like me in the dust.

I was talking to my friend Tom today about why I still am podcasting. I need no more justification than this: I’ve now got an audio record of a slice of my life for an entire year, consisting of over twenty hours of me talking about whatever was on my mind. It’s a time machine. A slice of myself, stored in digital form. Even if it was of no interest to anyone else, it would be valuable for that reason alone.

Still, I hope that you, my occasional listeners and my regular subscribers, have found something of interest. I’ll keep it up, and I hope you all do too.

Addendum: I just listened to my first post again, and what was surprising to me is that even in my very first podcast, I foresaw that I’d really like to have a PDA to record my podcasts. I wouldn’t get my Dell until February, but very early on I wanted the usage scenario that I have settled on for all my recent podcasts: a mobile gadget that I could carry with me and use to record material wherever I was.


Oh, and I talked about this grasshopper too.