Platitudes Reach High Altitudes

I’ve been following the PDC blogging a bit this morning, and I can’t help but think that there is very little meat that is actually being blogged about. Here’s a great for instance:

Light up on Windows Vista: The “Top 10” List

What are these top 10?

  1. Follow the Windows Vista style guidelines
  2. Enrich the user experience
  3. Enable users to visualize, organize and search
  4. Run securely
  5. Design for reliability and manageability
  6. Establish a customer feedback loop
  7. Build for connected systems
  8. Bring data to the user with RSS
  9. Make document data accessible
  10. Build for mobility

Wow. I could condense that list into simply….

  1. Do a good job on developing your products

This list strikes me as so obvious as to be useless. I’m not sure how platitudes enhance the quality of your product development.

Addendum: Okay, okay, I’m acting like someone pissed in my cornflakes. I’ll at least provide a link to the official Microsoft page which provides a bit more detail. In fact, it appears that each of the ten bullet items is supported by a good half dozen new APIs or technologies. I have a different rant for that topic, but I’ll spare you all.