More retro programming…

My label for my Atari Retro Project

Well, a few minutes of Postscript programming, and I created the label on the right for my Atari 2600 programming project. In the next couple of days, I should have an EPROM programmer in hand, I’ll be able to burn my own cartridge of my Enigma simulator, stick this label on it, and call the project completed.

Then it will be time to move onto the next thing that will make my wife shake her head and wonder just how crazy I am.

How not to lose stuff…

I suppose that I’m in many ways your typical smart geek: I can probably identify 95% of all the quotes from Futurama, but I have a heck of a time remembering to put my keys someplace where I can find them. That’s why I rely on tips like this one from lifehacker. Unfortunately, the main problem with me isn’t finding remotes, it’s finding the correct remote.

My keychain

I use a similar technique to keep track of my keys. Witness my keychain on the right, with its absurdly large green Mike from Monster’s Inc. dangling from it. It’s large, which helps keep it visible, and green, which means it contrasts with the contents of virtually any cluttered horizontal surface upon which it lies.

It took me months to find the spare key which is not Monster-equipped.