Creationism in the Supreme Court

Panda’s Thumb reports on the ties between Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers and creationism. The Valley View Christian Church that she attends apparently has a webpage which links to The Creation Evidence Museum, run by Carl Baugh, a creationist so absurd that even Answers In Genesis can’t accept his conclusions.

Apparently it’s not just Roe v. Wade that we have to worry about, but perhaps Epperson v. Arkansas or Lemon v. Kurtzman.


I remember reading Russell Beattie’s blog, where he said that merely by posting something about the Apple or Macintosh, his traffic doubled or tripled or something. If I was using Adsense or something, then the recent back and forth I’ve been doing with Scoble might make me a few cents. As it is, I have to just settle for that smug sense of self satisfaction.

Boost in Web Traffic

Note to self: beware portupgrade -R!

Well, last night I decided to try to fix a dangling problem with out of date versions of ImageMagick for one application completely unrelated to my webserver by running portupgrade. Net result: it fubarred mod_perl somehow, and that borked my webserver, which is why it was down for ten hours or so. Sorry for the inconvenience.