live-f1, a good hack

Scott Remnant is a bit of a Formula-1 buff, and so ran one of those cool Java applets that news agencies provide to keep track of race results in real time. But the problem was, the applet sucked (bad interface, the fonts were too small, you know the drill). So, he cleverly ran tcpdump to figure out what was going over the wire and wrote his own version. Rockin’.

I need such a gadget to monitor baseball games too. Maybe next year I’ll give it a try.

World Series: White Sox v. Astros

Well, the table has been set, and it’s going to be the White Sox vs. the Astros in the World Series beginning Saturday. Brad Lidge should send Oswalt flowers: if Oswalt blew the game, we’d be looking at a nerve wracking game seven, and it could have been bad. Instead, the Astros win their first NLCS pennant and a trip to the Series. All is forgotten.

White Sox / AstrosAll over the radio I’ve been hearing that this is going to be a total ratings fiasco: that nobody cares if either of these teams wins, but I think that’s silly. Baseball isn’t baseball only when the Yankees or the Red Sox are playing. These teams won the right to play in the Series, and despite the fact that I picked neither to advance, I think the matchups are going to be pretty interesting. It looks like it will be Roger Clemens (boo, hiss!) for the Astros in Game 1, and despite my dislike for Clemens, you have to give the guy some credit: he’s 13-8 with an astonishing 1.87 ERA in 2005. That’s just wicked. Game 2 will feature Andy Pettitte. On paper he doesn’t look as strong, but he’s got good stuff. Lidge (despite giving up the hit to Pujols, arguably the best bat in the NL) will be strong in relief. The White Sox had four complete game efforts in a row in the ALCS, going with Buehrle, Garland, Garcia and Contreras. That’s… just freaking amazing.

If there is one downside to the postseason so far, it’s the really questionable officiating. In virtually every game I’ve seen so far, there has been at least one highly questionable call by an umpire. Can we get some decent officiating for the Series?

I’m heating up the skillet to make some of my faux Buffalo Wings and some blue cheese dip. I’ll be good to go on Saturday. And I think I’m going to root for… The White Sox. Sorry Roger, just don’t like you, and I like the idea that the White Sox could win their first Series since 1917. Or maybe it’s just the idea that if the Sox lead, the ghost of Shoeless Joe will materialize in the White Sox dugout.

I love October baseball.