Congratulations White Sox!

Well, after spending five or so hours watching the game on Tuesday, I really didn’t feel like investing the same amount of time watching what proved to be the final game in the Series last night, but the Sox managed to pull it off: the sweep was completed against the Astros in their home stadium. I thought the Astros would pull out at least one game, with the combination of Clemens-Pettitte-Oswalt you think they could have gotten enough offense in at least one game to pull it out, but sadly for their fans, they were just outplayed.

I didn’t have them picked: I thought Cleveland would outdo them in the final weeks of the season (just as accurate as my prediction that the A’s would overcome Anaheim) and later, that the Angels would prove to be too much for them, but they were in control the entire time, and collect their first world series in 88 years. Congratulations, and thanks for a great season!

Now, counting the days until spring training begins…