Running my Enigma Simulator

Well, I have achieved a modest amount of success! Yesterday, I burned my first EPROM for my Atari 2600 project. After figuring out what I was stupidly doing wrong, it worked without problem, and I stuck the chip into my Atari Age carrier board, stuffed it into the Atari 2600, and, it worked! Just like it did in the Stella simulator! I’m shocked! Nay, amazed!

The EEPROM Cartridge

I’m sure that in the future I’ll be able to find all sorts of good things to do with my EPROM burner, but at the very least, this project has been a rousing success!

Now all I need to do is finish tuning up the code, and I’ll be all done. Because of somewhat sloppy coding, I’m approaching the 4K limit of codesize, so I need to write some bankswitching (or else tighten my code, which seems like it would take longer and be somewhat counterproductive.