Brainwagon Radio: My Wife Reviews the Video iPod

Holy crap, it’s been a month since I published my last podcast. But today I managed to corner my wife in the car and we recorded a brief 10 minute podcast, largely consisting of a review of the new video iPod. She gives her impressions of the iPod, how she’s using it, and the success (and minor irritations) that she has experienced with it. Overall though, she really loves it. Listen in for more, as well as a brief interruption while we discuss the horse rolling in a field of manure.

2 thoughts on “Brainwagon Radio: My Wife Reviews the Video iPod”

  1. I might have sounded a little too critical in the podcast… if I did, I apologize. Truly, the iPod is a fantastic device, and I really should have shown the enthusiasm it deserves. I think it’s GREAT! I LOVE IT! I am so happy! Thank you Mark!!!!!! It’s so Incredibly Awesome!

    My review of the video iPod: GREAT! I LOVE IT! 9/10!


  2. You should do more mr. and mrs. brainwagon. 🙂 I thought it was pretty fun and I didn’t think you sounded overly critical. Although I am not an Apple/Ipod user they do make some very nice machines. I have yet to see the video Ipod in the electronic stores here but the Nano is really nice looking, better than the regular run of the mill mp3 players.
    Hope to hear more of the Mark and Carmen show. 🙂


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