The Real Value of Podcasting

If you really are doing it for the love, why bother assigning a number to it?

Let’s put it another way: if my goal is to maximize the value that I create, I obviously can do that in a couple of different ways, I can either choose to concentrate and create things which are truly of large value to a smaller number of people, or I could settle for quantity over quality and pander to the lowest common denominator. There has to be more to how you choose to live your life than spamming lots of individuals with trivial thoughts.

2 thoughts on “The Real Value of Podcasting”

  1. You can choose to be a Picasso or you can be the painter of Velvet Elvis. The former you know, the later is completely unknown.
    I wonder if that is the way some of the podcasts are going now. Some of the better podcasts are the ones that are not regular and do not try to be the top of the heap. Quality is what I’m looking for not quantity.

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