Update: It’s officially over!

I’m personally declaring that the whole “more cowbell” thing is officially over. It was funny when Walken did it. It was perhaps amusing the next million times it was repeated. But the next day, it was already stale, and it’s only gotten worse. Why not just go back to saying “You are the weakest link!” or “Aye Carumba” or “Where’s the beef?!”

Have some comedic mercy.

Addendum: Google reports ::google(“more cowbell”, “729,000 hits for ‘more cowbell'”)::.

The Cinnamon Bear

Last year, I wrote a script to eek out one episode of the classic radio serial The Cinnamon Bear each day leading up to Christmas Eve. I had a few subscribers, but just a few. Still, I think it’s a fun holiday serial, and I was gonna set it up to do the same this year. Unfortunately, I seem to have mislaid the little python script that I used to generate the feeds and the webpage, so instead, I’ve wimped out and just stuck them all on a special page dedicated to The Cinnamon Bear. Go ahead, slaughter my bandwidth, slurp up all 74 megabytes of classic radio and enjoy it.

Happy Holidays!