What this geek did in Paris…

Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble is apparently over in Paris, and decided to blog about the stuff he did in Paris, of which he only thought the Musee D’Orsay sufficiently interesting to mention, probably because their IT system apparently runs Windows XP.

Get some soul, man.

When Carmen and I went there for our anniversary back in 2003, we spent the entire day in the Musee D’Orsay, and at no time did we even think to ask what operating system their IT system runs. It just never came up.

Here is a by-no-means-comprehensive list of some of the things that this geek did while in Paris:

  1. Day one: Got in fairly late, but decided to go out for a midnight supper. Did a big circle from our hotel near the Place de la Concorde, all the way down to the Louvre and back. Caught some nice views of the Eiffel Tower lit up. Back to bed.
  2. Day two: Cafe au lait and pain au chocolat (forgive my spelling, it’s been a while since I took French, and my ability to type accents in HTML is minimal) for breakfast, er, petit dejuener. Some churches, the double decker buses, visited the Musee de la Marine, and then strolled to the Eiffel Tower via the Champs des Mars. Didn’t bother going up, but had a hot dog at the park underneath. Visited Napoleon’s tomb, and Les Invalides. Then, back to the hotel, where we thought we’d catch a quick nap before going out for dinner. We woke up around 10:00pm. Found out that the restaurant Au Pied de Cochon was still open, so took the Metro down to the station near Ste. Eustace, before wandering over to munch on a dinner of pigs feet (which seemed appropriate, given the restaurant), some real french onion soup, what was probably a laughable wine selection, and a terrific desert. When we got out, it was too late for the Metro, so we walked back to the Place de Concorde.

That was the first day and a half. We were there for a week. We saw the Louvre, including an exhibit on Michaelangelo and Da Vinci. We killed a day at the Musee D’Orsay, skipping their IT department, but did stop to have lunch in their “cafeteria”. We had dinner at Gourmard, the second most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been to, and worth every penny. We took an early morning train to Versaille, where we snapped some fun pics of us in the Hall of Mirrors. We fed birds that flocked to our table in Montmartre as we ate escargot, just because hell, we were in Paris. We went to the Paris airshow, walked around the Fete de la Musique, scaled the Eiffel Tower at sunset, took boatrides on the Seine, took pictures of Notre Dame, Sacre Couer, and other lesser known places. We visited Les Jardins de Luxembourg, and just basked in the late sun. We mastered the Paris Metro, and just all in all had a blast.

Didn’t really think much about blogging.

Sometimes, you just have to unplug, at least, until you get back and post all the pictures to make other people jealous.

That’s what this geek did in Paris. I’d love to go back.