Microsoft Moves Graphics out of the OS – Microsoft to move graphics outside OS kernel
Microsoft will move the graphics for its next version of Windows outside of the operating system’s kernel to improve reliability, the software giant has told Techworld.

This also in: temperature dropping in hell.

It only took them fifteen years to make the change. Ironically, it’s not done for things like “it makes our software cleaner, more straightforward, more modular, more useful”, but instead “our graphical subsystem is buggy enough that it will often bring down the entire system, and if we make this change all those annoying blue screens and freezes will merely be annoying application restarts”.

Ah, progress.

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  1. I dunno how your blog got shuffled to the bottom of my reading pile. So entertaining. Moving up to the top 10.

    Editor’s note: Golly, thanks for the nice compliment. I’ll try to continue to be worthy. 🙂

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