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Quite some time ago, I started using Feedburner to republish my RSS feed.  It’s nice because you can actually see who is reading your blog via RSS, what items they click through and the like.  But I was sending a mixed message, you could subscribe to my feed either by the ordinary WordPress feed, or via FeedBurner.   The solution is to redirect the WordPress feed automatically to the Feedburner feed, but this has a problem: Feedburner still needs to access your feed, so you can’t redirect it.   The resulting mod_rewrite stuff always seemed like a pain, so I was happy to find the following plugin by Steve Smith, which makes all these problems go away.

If you have a similar problem, be sure to check it out.

WordPress FeedBurner Plugin // Ordered List by Steve Smith

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2 thoughts on “WordPress FeedBurner Plugin”

  1. Hey Mark,
    Is your server running Apache? Mine is running Windows IIS, and I can’t get this plugin to work. I read the comments on the site that you suggested, and it said to change your permalinks to not have index.php in them. Well, If I do that, then they don’t work.

    IIS does not use an .htaccess file, so I don’t know if I can use this or not. Do you have any insight?

    Editor’s note: I am indeed running Apache, and have literally zero experience running IIS.  I did actually have to do some minor tweaking: as originally shipped, the plugin would rewrite https://brainwagon.org/feed/rss2 but not https://brainwagon.org/feed/rss2/.  I believe that the author has patched that problem now.  Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  2. That does help. I got mine to kind of work by editing my wp-feed.php. I just redirected most of my feeds to feeburner. I more than tripled my feed readers in one day :). Thanks for your help.

    Editor’s note: I’m not sure I did anything, but thanks anyway.  :-)  Before I did this, I was getting about 50 or so as my feed circulation, but there were probably sixty people subscribed to the old RSS feed on bloglines.  Now, everyone is accounted for on the feedburner, and I see that I have about 300 subscribers.   Quite surprising, actually. 🙂

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