Minor Earthquake

A few minutes ago, I noticed the second minor earthquake of the day. I estimated the strength to be a little lower than a three, but it was enough that my next door neighbor Sam called me and asked me what I thought it was. I was already hitting the USGS website to see what the deal was, but he reminded me that you can get even faster realtime info from a finger server at berkeley:

% finger -l quake@quake.geo.berkeley.edu
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U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California.
U.C. Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, Berkeley, California.
(members of the Council of the National Seismic System)

NOTE:  Information in this page is updated regularly.  If you are accessing
this page via the Web, you may need to RELOAD the page to get current data.

Below is a list of magnitude 2 or greater earthquakes recorded by the USGS
Northern California Seismic Network and the UCB Berkeley Digital Seismic
Network during the last 3 days.  All times are in UTC (Universal Time),
which is 8 hours ahead of PST and 7 hours ahead of PDT.  This catalog is
valid for Central and Northern California (approximately north of San Luis
Obispo along the coast and 37 degrees N at the Nevada border).

Magnitudes are reported as local magnitude (Ml) or coda duration magnitude
(Md) for small events.  Depth is in kilometers.  Q is location quality,
where the quality of the location solution is A=E (A=good, E=bad), and '*'
indicates the solution is from an automated system and has not been reviewed
by staff.

Note:  This is PRELIMINARY information.  Earthquakes before 00:00 UT today
which occur > ~50 km outside the boundaries of the network will not be
listed unless reviewed by seismologists.

Catalogs for other regions of the country can be obtained by using
`finger quake@computer'  for the following computers:
geophys.washington.edu (Washington and Oregon)
seismo.unr.edu  (Nevada)         scec.gps.caltech.edu (southern California)
eqinfo.seis.utah.edu (Utah)      fm.gi.alaska.edu (Alaska)
slueas.slu.edu (central US)      gldfs.cr.usgs.gov (large world-wide)
tako.wr.usgs.gov (Hawaii)

WWW access: for these lists, maps, and more go to http://quake.usgs.gov

Updated at Thu Mar  2 06:32:00 GMT 2006 a.k.a. Wed Mar  1 22:32:00 PST 2006


yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss   deg.   deg.    km
06/02/27 13:55:31  40.08N 123.49W   0.0 2.0Md C*  29 km E of  Redway, CA
06/02/27 14:24:41  39.72N 123.07W   2.0 2.1Md C*  19 km ESE of  Covelo, CA
06/02/27 16:43:04  37.27N 120.75W   0.5 2.2Md D*  13 km S of  Livingston, CA
06/02/27 20:46:44  36.50N 121.07W   3.6 2.3Md A*   7 km ESE of  Pinnacles, CA
06/02/28 01:09:55  39.01N 122.80W   2.6 2.4Md B*   5 km NNE of  Kelseyville, CA
06/02/28 03:32:42  35.67N 121.08W   0.0 2.2Md D*  10 km ENE of  San Simeon, CA
06/02/28 03:52:50  38.82N 122.80W   1.9 2.0Md A*   3 km N of  The Geysers, CA
06/02/28 19:39:39  37.86N 122.24W   9.5 2.3Md A*   3 km ESE of  Berkeley, CA
06/03/01 19:24:02  37.86N 122.20W   8.9 2.8Md A*   4 km SW of  Orinda, CA
06/03/01 19:34:52  37.86N 122.20W   8.8 3.4Ml A*   3 km SW of  Orinda, CA
06/03/02 00:11:55  36.55N 121.15W   7.6 3.2Ml A*   3 km N of  Pinnacles, CA
06/03/02 02:11:37  37.16N 121.55W   8.1 2.1Md A*   9 km ENE of  Morgan Hill, CA
06/03/02 04:53:30  40.48N 125.53W   2.5 3.3Ml D* 106 km W of  Petrolia, CA
06/03/02 05:11:11  38.36N 119.43W   1.1 2.1Md C*  20 km WNW of  Bridgeport, CA
06/03/02 06:08:15  37.86N 122.24W   9.8 2.9Md A*   3 km ESE of  Berkeley, CA

I just thought I’d archive that here for future reference.

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