Turn back the clock…

Old Me

A couple of week’s ago, my old boss from my days in the RenderMan group, Tony Apodaca stopped into my office with a bit of memorabilia from our shared past: a caricature of me drawn by Pixar artist Jeff Pidgeon that was used in the credits section of Pixar’s Typestry product that I worked on in the early nineties. 90% of the people that I know at Pixar have never seen me with the long hair, I remember getting rid of it in preparation for a job interview that I had on October 25th, 1994 at Silicon Graphics. How do I remember that day? After the interview, I had my very first date with Carmen, who would turn out to be my wife.
Gadzooks, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with all that hair anymore. The top photo is still in our company directory, I should really update it. 🙂

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Addendum: SGI would go on almost a continuous skid after that. I stayed at Pixar, and we went on to make lots of cool films. It seems I navigated the nexus of decisions surrounding that day rather well.

Meet Me at the Maker’s Faire!

Meet Me at the Maker Faire!

I’ve decided to pack up one of my geekiest projects, my Atari 2600 Enigma Machine and bring it to the Maker’s Faire in San Mateo in three weeks. If anyone has read my blog and would like to stop in and meet the lunatic behind these pages, I’d be happy to say “Hi” and discuss World War II German cipher machines, talk about writing 6502 assembly code, or whatever. I’ll have a real Atari 2600 and will be demonstrating the cartridge that I made on Saturday, and might be helping out with the Chabot Telescope Maker’s demonstrations on Sunday, but I also hope to have time to wander around and meet other people. See you all there!

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