Jumpy eggs caught on camera

Good thing this isn’t my tax dollars at work:

After two years of work, with a purpose-built steel machine wired up to high-speed cameras, microphones and electronic sensors, a team of Japanese researchers has finally proved that a hard-boiled egg can jump. All it takes, according to Yutaka Shimomura and colleagues of Keio University, is a good spin.

A perfect manifestation of the brainwagon philosophy: “there is much pleasure in useless knowledge”.

Baseball Hacks

Sometimes you find a book that seems uniquely written for your interests: such is Baseball Hacks, the latest O’Reilly book in their illustrious “Hacks” series. It is basically a manual on how to use computers to fuel your obsession for baseball statistics, and includes a wide vareity of cool things you can do with a computer, access to the internet, and open source tools like MySQL and perl. I’ll say more when I’ve had a chance to work through some of the examples.

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