Baseball Trivia: Baseball Leap Year Babies!

Don’t ask how this subject came up, it won’t make any sense, but somebody asked me how many major leaguers were born on Feb 29, the extra day added in leap years. I had a database of such things loaded, so here they are:

Dickey Pearce 1836
Ed Appleton 1892
Roy Parker 1896
Ralph Miller 1896
Pepper Martin 1904
Al Rosen 1924
Paul Giel 1932
Steve Mingori 1944
Al Autry 1952
Jerry Fry 1956
Bill Long 1960
Terrence Long 1976

The most popular birthday in the database? November 18th, held by 67 big leaguers. The least? Why, February 29th, of course, held by the 12 above. The next least popular? November 14th, held by only 23 big leaguers.

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