Scrappy does some light reading…

Scrappy Reads SIGGRAPH Proceedings

Just a picture I snapped this morning of my cat as he was reading. As soon as I got the camera out though, he flopped over and pretended he was napping.

Silly cat.

Addendum: I now have given up all hope of actually rising to the blog A-list. I mean really, blogging about your pets… That’s low.

Addendum2: I was at a second-hand store yesterday looking for a particular piece of junk for a project, and saw one of these:

A CueCat

Yep, a CueCat barcode reader. It’s a little gadget that you stick between your PS/2 keyboard and your real keyboard, and when you run it over a barcode, it spews out a message like:


A bit of spelunking with Google will reveal that you can do a nearly trivial hardware modification to make your CueCat send barcodes in the clear, but why warm up the soldering iron when you can just write about five lines of Python that “decodes” the output, and produces the ISBN (0805045414 in this case, which you can use to go to<ISBN>). which you can use in whatever sort of application you want, perhaps using Amazon web services.

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