Unboxing The Past: The Nintendo Virtual Boy

Podcasting inspiration Josh Bancroft has a new venture entitled unboxing.com, a veritable shrine to gadgetitis, with all sorts of pictures of people unboxing their latest toy acquisitions. I must admit, I’ve done my fair share of this, but lately I’ve been trying to clean up my office and get rid of some of the older boxes. While doing so, you occasionally run across some actual treasures: such as the one I’ve got here: functional Nintendo Virtual Boy. I hadn’t turned the thing on in nearly a decade, since in a move I had misplaced my budding collection of Virtual Boy game cartridges. But while I was going through some boxes in my garage, I found five of them, so here we are.

Unboxing a Virtual Boy

I spite of the fact that I had stored the game with batteries installed, it didn’t have any major leaks or problems. I hooked up the unopened AC adaptor that I also found, and turned it on. Voila! It still works!

The games I have are Mario Tennis, Galactic Pinball, Golf, Virtual Boy Wario Land and Mario Clash.

These things actually seem to go for a pretty good amount on eBay. Perhaps I should pass this on…

After playing it a bit.

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