I love postseason baseball!

I’m tempted to act like a shill and mindlessly repeat “I live for this!”, but it seems a little bit over the top. Still, the postseason has already given the fans some awesome post season moments. I thought I’d recap.

Oakland Leads 2-0

FIrst of all, Oakland leads the Twins 2-0. Two awesome games, two solid pitching performances (by both sides really). Frank Thomas came up big in game #1 with two home runs (and narrowly missing a third which was just foul). He is the oldest player ever to have a multi-homerun game in the post season, and also set a record for the longest time between homers in the postseason (13 years). Frank came up huge.

Then, yesterdays Game #2. Loiaza looked solid, but ended up getting no decision as he gave up back to back home runs with nobody out in the bottom of the sixth, allowing the Twins to even the score at 2-2. Calero came in in relief, and no further damage was done, allowing Oakland to come to bat in the top of the 7th.

Neshek relieved Bonser for the Twins, and got Marco Scutaro to pop out to left center. Ellis then singled, but was then removed when Kendall hit into a fielder’s choice. With two outs and Kendall at first, the Twins removed Neshek and allowed Reyes to pitch. Mark Kotsay came to bat, and hit a tailing drive to center, which Torii Hunter tried to make a play on, but he failed. The ball skipped to the wall, Kendall scored, and Kotsay motored around third, scoriing an incredible inside the park home run to put the As up 4-2.

I was reading a bunch of blogs which are chewing Hunter for being to aggressive, and I find it a bit silly. Yes, this miscue probably cost you the game. If he gets behind the ball and holds Kotsay to a single, you pitch to Bradley and take your chances. With two outs, you probably have contained the damage. But you are talking about a five time Gold Glover, who batted .278 and hit 31 homeruns in 2006, known for his range and his aggression. Doesn’t it seem a bit silly to abandon your guy now? He tried to do exactly what he does every day: make the plays that win games. You can still play your best game and lose, that’s why we actually play games.

On the other hand, there was a play which made me laugh for a half hour: Kent and Drew being tagged out by Lo Duca out at home plate on the same play. Kent: you’re slow. Drew: an idiot. I’ve never laughed so hard during a ballgame.

I love this game.

The A’s come back to Oakland to play a closeout game in the post season. They are 0-9 in this situation, and I’ve been to a fair number of those games. I’m hoping for a 1-9 for their last ten. Oh, and Ellis: get better soon!

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Addendum: The Yankees Lose!!!! THEEEE YANKKEES LOSE!. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. 🙂