Life Hint: Wear a Santa Hat!

If you’re like me, sometimes the pressure of the holidays gets to you, and you end up feeling a bit grumpy. It’s hard to take it easy when somebody elbows you, or uses a coupon to buy one apple at the grocery store, or just is a dick on the highway. You now what helps? Wear a Santa hat. Seriously. Do it.

Christmas Hat

Put one on and look around. Sure, some people are probably sniggering at you, but they are also probably smiling. And when they are smiling, it’s easier to be nice to them. It’s easier for them to be nice to you too. If you are in line at the grocery store and have a lot of items, let the guy with just two go ahead of you. You know what? You’ll find yourself humming Christmas carols. You’ll find yourself smiling. You’ll find it easier to come up with ideas for that perfect gift for your perfect wife. And you’ll sleep better.

Seriously. Try it.

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