Comet McNaught

I should have mentioned this before, but in case anyone didn’t know, there’s been a naked eye comet visible in the west as the sun is setting (at least, for people in the northern hemisphere), and for the last couple of nights, I’ve had binoculars out and let my fellow Pixarians have a glimpse at the fun. I snapped a bunch of photos in the most ghetto way imagineable, simply holding the Panasonic point-n-shoot to the eyepiece of my binoculars, and snapping away, hoping to get one that I like.

Most were deplorable, but a couple aren’t too bad. Here’s one of the better ones from the bad lot.

Comet McNaught

It’s rapidly sinking as the sun is setting, so you might not get a chance to see it, but give it a shot.

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Addendum: I was going through the pictures that I snapped, and realized that you could see the comet actually moving (well, in reality, the earth rotating) in real time in the sequence that I shot). I combined them all into an animated GIF which you can see here or here (first is larger, and about 2 megabytes, the second smaller and 1 megabyte). I just thought it was kind of neat.