More Panorama Noodling…

Okay, since I went to the trouble of actually doing a bit of panorama stitching on Linux, I thought I’d go ahead and make a 360 degree panorama (not a spherical one, I didn’t have the patience). So, as I walked out the door at Pixar Animation Studios, I snapped fourteen handheld images using my little Panasonic, and then stitched ’em into this panorama:

Not too bad! The exposures aren’t held very closely (no way to exposure lock on the DMC-TZ1) but the overall quality of the stitch is quite good.

(If you don’t have java installed, you can at least click here to see the full panorama data)

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2 thoughts on “More Panorama Noodling…”

  1. Ever play with a little Windows app called Autostitch:

    It’s one of my very favorite pieces of software, because it’s like magic. It does panoramas WAY, WAY better than any other app I’ve ever tried. You just point it at a folder full of photos that are connected, and let it run. No aligning the photos yourself. No worrying about using the “stitch assist” mode on your camera. No difficult options to mess with before you get results (though they’re there if you want to).

    It’s like magic, and I’ve yet to find anything that works better. I love it. 🙂

    I know you know way more about panorama stitching than I do, but Autostitch should be interesting to you either way. 🙂

  2. Hey Josh.

    In fact, I do know a lot about Autostitch, having read many of the papers written by the author. The basic idea is implemented in the autopano-sift program, which is one of the ones I used to make the panorama above.

    I’ve heard that AutoStitch does a good job, but I don’t have any Windows machines anymore, so it really isn’t of any value to me. 🙂

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