Apple Infuriates iPhone Early Adopters

The original Apple iPhone was released on June 29th of this year.  68 days later, Apple announces that they are cutting the price by $200.

I guess we can infer from this that Apple decided the iPhones weren’t selling as well as they would like, and that the new (very good) price point will help stimulate sales.  But it’s a bitter pill to swallow for those who bought at the $600 price, with some expectation that it would be the going rate for more than sixty days.

I hope you enjoy my $200 Apple.

I continue to love my iPhone incidently.  I’d just love my $200 too.

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Rear Panel of My Drake 2B

Rear of My Drake 2BWell, not the rear panel of my Drake 2B. The markings on the back of mine have faded considerably, so much so that it is hard to read the lettering associated with each of the connectors. Luckily, I found a good picture of the rear panel on the web, which I’m archiving here for the moment.

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