Signals from the Galapagos — HC8N

While tinkering with my little TenTec receiver, I’ve been hearing a ton of radio teletype signals. Apparently it’s the CQWW RTTY contest this weekend, which my ham friends who are more into all this say is the biggest contest of the year. I’m more interested in actual conversation, so I was kind of bored, but heard signals from all over the U.S., including Texas, Arizona, and Minnesota. But then I saw someone calling CQWW HC8N, I wasn’t sure where that was. (Each country has a different set of letters to start their callsign). I looked it up.

HC8N — Home

That’s from the Galapagos Islands! Awesome! Signal was really booming in here too.

Someday I’ll have to get a transmitter. 🙂

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Pascal Implementation

Pascal is one of my least favorite languages, but reading about how compilers work and examining real code of the (actually fairly simple) system works is fun. Check out:

Pascal Implementation

Included here is the Pascal source of a public-domain Pascal compiler and interpreter, the P4 compiler and interpreter. It is coded entirely in Pascal, and produces a high-level so-called intermediate code as output. The program ‘pint’ is an assembler and interpreter for this language.

The complete text of the book explaining the compiler is also available.

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TenTec 1056, in a case!

Well, I finally bored some holes in the case (kind of banging it up a little in the process, next time, I’ll put tape over all the edges) and mounted my radio in a real metal case. After warmup, it seems quite a bit more stable, and there is less problem with microphonics and frequency wandering now that it is inside.

TenTec 1056, in its casePardon for the slightly bad picture, I snapped it using PhotoBooth from my apple laptop, since I couldn’t find even a single SD card for my real digital camera. Sigh. I’ll get a better picture up later.

I got ready just to catch some 30wpm code practice from W1AW. That’s too fast for me, but fldigi did a pretty good job of decoding it. I also caught a bunch of RTTY stations calling CQ, but no real QSOs.

I’ll be having more fun with this. Now, to put all the tools away.

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