Signals from the Galapagos — HC8N

While tinkering with my little TenTec receiver, I’ve been hearing a ton of radio teletype signals. Apparently it’s the CQWW RTTY contest this weekend, which my ham friends who are more into all this say is the biggest contest of the year. I’m more interested in actual conversation, so I was kind of bored, but heard signals from all over the U.S., including Texas, Arizona, and Minnesota. But then I saw someone calling CQWW HC8N, I wasn’t sure where that was. (Each country has a different set of letters to start their callsign). I looked it up.

HC8N — Home

That’s from the Galapagos Islands! Awesome! Signal was really booming in here too.

Someday I’ll have to get a transmitter. 🙂

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