Working the QRP repeater on AO-51…

This week, the powers that be have enabled the second repeater on AO-51 for use. Uplink is on 145.88 and the downlink is nominally on 435.150 in addition to the 145.92 and 435.300 which are its normal frequencies. Apparently not a lot of people know about this schedule change though, because the only person I managed to get was W0PD, Michael in EN32. It was kind of an odd couple QSO, him with a TS2000 and 13 element beam antennas with automatic rotators, and me, with my HT and a handheld antenna, standing in my front yard. šŸ™‚ I managed to lose him for a few minutes in the middle, but regained him at the end. Anyway, you know the drill, here’s my recording:

March 25, 2008, on AO-51, the QRP repeaterā€¦

I’ll be trying to work it on College Night, which is coming up on Thursday. Go Ducks!