Threefer of Satellites…

I’ve been trying to catch the SEEDS cubesat in SSTV/digitalker mode for a while. No dice. But I did record three of the cubesats as they marched across. Below is a 15 minute mp3 file. First up is COMPASS-1, which has a very squirrelly sounding morse signal. Next up is CUTE-1.7 APD II (honestly folks, next time pick a shorter name!) and finally is good old SEEDS II, beeping away.

COMPASS-1, CUTE-1.7 APD II, and SEEDS on June 13, 2008

Here’s my spectrogram of the audio. You can see that COMPASS-1 ramps up in frequency, making little hooks in the spectrogram. It’s followed by the CUTE telemetry, which is being Doppler corrected. When I quit tracking this, the frequency drops off the bottom. I then have a bit of an audio drop out as i accidently shifted to FM, and then began to track SEEDS II as it came from the north. I tracked it down to about 4 degrees elevation, where I could no longer hear the signal.

Audio Spectrogram of the Jun 13 Satellite Recording