HF Volmet Broadcasts

While tuning around below the 30m band on my FT-817, I heard a rather loud and clear weather broadcast on 10.051Mhz. It turned out to be a “VOLMET” broadcast from New York. These broadcasts are apparently provided for aviation purposes. Here is a page which lists the various broadcasts:

HF Volmet Broadcasts

I went down to 8.858Mhz to see if I could hear the broadcasts from Honolulu that covered the west coast of the United States. I could!

VOLMET broadcast from Honolulu on 8.858Mhz

Ironically, just before this I was listening to the aviation warnings for Alaska, and heard a volcanic ash warning from the Aleutian volcano, Mount Cleveland. I thought it was cool enough to fire up Google Earth and see where that was. It’s pretty cool actually.

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  1. I found this on 10.051 USB as well. Was great to see sombody else found it too. I’m an aircraft tech and never knew you could tune sideband on the old planes that still had the HF stuff in it. Cheers!

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