K6HX beaconing on 30m with WSPR/MEPT

Okay, I hadn’t been doing any WSPR beacon operations since before Thanksgiving (which was also before my new callsign) and I was kind of bored today, so I dug out my power supply, tuner and interface and set my computer beaconing again on 30m. It’s a combination beacon: using WSPR above 10.140100, and a visual “MV” written as part of a sawtooth in the visual MEPT portion of the band (between 10.140000 and 10.140100 Mhz). Output power is about 4 watts, split between both signals.

I’d be interested in any reception reports.

Addendum: Click this link to examine the reception reports I’m getting via the automated WSPR logging.


Today, on Jan 2, I got a reception report from W1BW, and I could faintly see my “MV” appearing on his grabber:

MV on the W1BW grabber

You can see his “flying W” very strongly, and if you stare really close (click on the smaller image) you can see my MV which looks like part of a sawtooth around 23:22 (and other places).

Addendum2: Alan, VA3STL in Ontario also noticed my signal on the 2nd. Here is his screen grab, showing both my MV and my MEPT signal.


2 thoughts on “K6HX beaconing on 30m with WSPR/MEPT”

  1. Copied your WSPR signal, did not copy the MV.

    But I was heard in ZL and VK with just 0.5 Watts with db to spare! 😉

    73, WY7USA

  2. That’s very cool Eric. My own efforts aren’t very impressive, but my antenna isn’t exactly great either. I’m using my 40m dipole, which is generously 12 feet off the ground. I suspect that most of my energy is just heating the clouds. I suspect I could do a lot better with something different. A good project for the new year.

    73s K6HX

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