Happy Pixarday to Me!

On February 7, 1991, I became an employee of Pixar Animation Studios. Tomorrow will mark my eighteenth anniversary. It’s practically unheard of to spend eighteen years at a single company, but Pixar is a pretty amazing place, filled with pretty amazing people. Today, in celebration, I took a couple dozen of my coworkers out for pizza to celebrate, and one of my team members Don made an adorable cake in celebration (pictures to be added later). Bob asked me what some of my favorite moments were. All the premieres were great, but I think the first one for Toy Story has to stand out in that sitting there, watching the movie, you knew that you had just participated in creating something special. The Winter Waltz was pretty nifty. The opportunity to watch the astoundingly talented Brad Bird direct two films, and realizing that he’s just a darned nice guy too. Contributing to the RenderMan rendering software as part of a very, very talented software team. Meeting friends like Tom Duff. Finding a new place in rendering, with some very talented people like Don, Yaz, and Susan whom I’m honored to call my friends.

It’s a great ride. Let year nineteen commence!

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  1. No, not never-go-out-to-lunch Don, the new Don, Don Johnson. Nevertheless the other Don shocked me by actually coming out to my lunch and I think he may have even had a slice of pizza. Astounding! I have pictures.

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