QRSS over morning coffee…

This morning I see that Dan, NM5DV has worked out his issues with this Softrock, and is now putting out a nice signal up above WA5DJJ. Yesterday, his signal made it briefly into Belgium alongside WA5DJJ: I’m wondering if anyone has been using Softrocks as beacon transmitters.


Down below, you can perhaps see hints of VK2ZAY as well as VK6DI. VK6DI will be shutting down operations from Western Australia soon and moving back to Eastern Australia. Too bad: I’ve really enjoyed these DX opportunities.

I’ve had the beacon off for a few days, but I think it’s time go get it back on. 10 minute repeat time.

Addendum: I was on IRC, and got a quick note from NM5DV indicating that he thought I had gone off frequency. Yep, I had bumped the knob on my radio while I was resetting the beacon (now operating near the top of the subband, around 10.140090). You can see that the 20hz shift was quite clear. 🙂