Nifty kits from K5BCQ

In the comments to one of my postings about the K1EL, Tom, K9AC mentioned that I might want to look at K5BCQ’s list of kits. Indeed, they seem really cool, and very reasonably priced. I am particularly interested in their Si570 controller, and their Morse controller, but there are lots of other nifty little gadgets there too. Bookmarked for the future.

NavSpaSur Lunar Imaging by DF6NM

While recovering from my brief outpatient procedure yesterday, I was surfing around, looking for the ChirpHell and ChirpPix programs that some people mentioned in the context of creating the Hellschreiber IDs that I saw yesterday. A bit of Googling revealed that they were written by DF6NM, so I did some more websearching, and as soon as I found this page:

NavSpaSur Lunar Imaging by DF6NM

I forgot entirely about ChirpPix. This page is all about using the reflections from the NavSpaSpur radar fence to generate actual pictures of the moon. Very, very neat. I should think about this, it seems like a very nifty project.

He also seems to have done some interesting work in the LF spectrum.