Car bomb! Twice!

There, did I get your attention?

So yesterday was a really warm day, the first of the new year really. According to, temperatures in Emeryville reached a high of 89 degrees. Pretty darned nice. In fact, actually hot.

After work, I hopped into my car (around 6:30PM, well past the heat of the day) and decided to grab my hands free headset and give a call to my buddy Jeff. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I heard a rather loud POP and found myself covered in lemon lime soda. Witness:


This guy had been sitting in my back seat for a couple of months, but apparently the temperature combined with the mechanics of jostling around was too much for it. I amusedly told Jeff about the explosion (it wasn’t a lot of soda, since it was one of those ridiculous half cans) and we proceeded to chat.

Of course, he was busy grilling himself some burgers and eventually had to sit down and have his dinner. I jokingly told him that if he hung up on me, he’d never know what was next to explode in my car.

And of course, a few minutes after hanging up:


I’ve now gone through my car to make sure all soda cans have been removed.

2 thoughts on “Car bomb! Twice!”

  1. Mark: Were you in anyway injured by those explosions? Were you traumatized by the noise or by being doused in lemon juice? Were there warning signs on the cans? You see where I’m going here… 73 Bill

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