Magic Lantern Firmware for the Canon 5D

I’m a huge fan of gadgets which have the possibility of open source third party updates. I have a couple of Linksys routers that I’ve reflashed with DDWRT and/or Tomato and/or OpenWRT. I’ve played with the NSLU2. I have a Canon SD1100 which I run CHDK.

Today, I discovered another interesting one:

Magic Lantern Firmware Wiki

This is firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR to adapt it to the specific needs of film makers. While the 5D is nominally intended as a still camera, it has many advantages when compared to equivalently priced setups when used as a motion picture camera. This firmware is designed to expand this use considerably. Very cool.

Magic Lantern firmware introduction from Trammell Hudson on Vimeo.