40th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing

201px-Apollo_11_insignia40 years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first two astronauts to step out on the surface of the moon, as Michael Collins orbited the moon in the Command Module astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins launched aboard Apollo 11 on their way to the moon.

I was only five at the time, but NASA and the space program had a strong influence on me. Beyond just being captivated by the prospect of being able to travel into space, I was also fascinated in the math, science and engineering that sent rockets into space. I must admit to only dim memories of the event, but I do remember that the 20th was a Sunday, and that we rushed home from church to watch the coverage of the moon landing. I recall being very excited and impressed.
There are lots of great sites on the web. Start with Wikipedia and browse around.
Apollo 11 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Some basic footage: