Upcoming launch of SumbandilaSat

It looks like the launch of the South African amateur satellite is on track!

The launch of SumbandilaSat is on track for 15 September 2009. In an interview with SA AMSAT, Johan Erasmus, SunSpace systems engineer speaking from Baikonur, said that the satellite travelled well and that all system performed to specification during the testing phase. Tests were carried out in the clean room at the Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan. “All payloads operated well and we were able to test the amateur payload from a little distance away. The parrot, voice repeater and the voice beacon responded well.

Via AMSAT South Africa Homepage

As soon as we get a confirmed launch, I’ll try to get some audio and/or work the bird. Stay tuned!

Addendum: The launch didn’t go off today. From AMSAT-SA’s website.

Due to high winds at the launch site and some telemetry issues on the rocket the launch has been delayed for 24 hours and will now take place on 16 September at around 15:45 UTC.

That’s about 9 hours from now. Fingers crossed.