Bounced a signal through HO-68

This morning I got another chance at HO-68, the newest Chinese amateur satellite that was operating in FM mode. I wasn’t sure what the problem was: I had the PL tone setup right and the signals seemed strong enough. On this pass, I fought to try to find a slot to transmit, and finally at the end of the pass, confirmed that I was indeed able to get into the bird. I made the following recording of the pass, and you can hear me in the downlink twice near the end of the recording, calling (without response) to VA7VW and W7JPI. The satellite was actually configured to turn off its transponder while it was still high in the sky here (it is on for a pass over Europe, the North Pole, and then down over the states) so I think I was the last person active before it went off.

2009-12-29-HO68-FM, recording by K6HX in CM87