What does this software do?

From a spam email that snuck pass my filter today (name was changed to prevent giving spammers free advertising)

Thanks for your interest in Mubbley Corp. To summarize, our solution allows you to:

  • Fully automate infrastructure delivery and dramatically reduce administrative workloads.
  • Leverage an industry-unique reservation model to manage current and future resources.
  • Easily scale solutions from individual departments to the global enterprise.
  • Integrate with and extend existing virtualization and data center automation investments.
  • Enable end users to efficiently self-serve infrastructure to support business activities.
  • Fully govern and control the deployment and reclamation of self-service infrastructure.
  • Could there be ANY more buzzwords in this? Does anyone have even the faintest clue what this means? If I were a business owner, and bought this product, other than the immediate cashing of a check, what do you think this software would actually do to help my business?