Basics-Picavet – Kite Aerial Photography Electronic Resources

I might have an opportunity in a couple of weeks to go do some kite flying at an upcoming picnic, and I thought that I might give a quick try at quick and dirty kite photography. After all, I’ve been musing about lofting a camera up high using a weather balloon, so why not start with elevations of just a few hundred feet? I haven’t given this much study or thought, but I know that designing an appropriate rig for attaching the camera to the line is a key element. My idea is to loft my old Canon SD1100 on a little gadget which is known as (I had to look it up) a Picavet. It’s a fiendishly simple and clever device for keeping the camera basically level while attached to the kite string. Check it out:

Basics-Picavet – Kite Aerial Photography Electronic Resources – KAPER

I’ll probably tack this together sometime next week after a quick trip to the hardware store. Stay tuned for pictures.

3 thoughts on “Basics-Picavet – Kite Aerial Photography Electronic Resources”

  1. Dang Mark,
    That is just neat as it can be! The Picavet is simple, elegant and obviously very functional. Looks like something that will be a load of fun to try. Appreciate the blog.
    Bob, AD7BP

  2. Dang Mark! (x2)

    I started following your RSS feed because of one of the python scripts you pulled out. I’m a python beginner, and I like looking at other folks’ methods. Then I realized your were an amateur operator, so those feeds were interesting, and THEN you pull out stuff like this. Truly amazing! 🙂 Keep the good stuff coming!

    de W4BSD

  3. Interesting stuff, reminds me of my 110 camera rocket (remember those), got a few pictures but never really worked that good..

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