Direct use of the PostScript language

As I have mentioned before, I sometimes find it convenient to write raw PostScript. I’ve used it to generate business cards, to make templates for laying out parts for radios and telescopees, and generating score cards and labels. Today, I had an idea for creating a large poster to hang in my office. It turns out that Costco will print 20″x30″ posters for $8.99, which is actually very cheap (almost as cheap as simple throw-away posters). So, I found myself once again coding things up in raw postscript, and generating 300dpi output from that using GhostScript. But unlike previous projects, I also wanted to include a couple of paragraphs of formatted text. I remember reading about The Tinydict system promoted by the Capella Archive. He writes whole books in raw PostScript, which isn’t actually as painful as it sounds. Digging around though, I found that there are a couple of resources thoughtfully archived on

Direct use of the PostScript language.